Words can build up or destroy. As each of us makes progress on the Jericho Road, we may do well to spend some time talking and confessing with a counsellor. Someone who’s trained in helping people separate thoughts that destroy from the ones that build up. The group is investing heavily in a counselling resource, but it’s money well spent. We know it’s an effective way for us to open up about our troubled minds. Then to build them up for a life of effective service.

Presbyterian Counselling Service – Freecall in NSW 1800 818 133

The purpose of the Presbyterian Counselling Service is to provide quality care and support to individuals and families within or connected to the Presbyterian Church who are in need of professional counselling or similar services.
We aim to facilitate a process where both professional counselling and pastoral care can come together to provide healing and reconciliation for the hurt and distressed. Through referrals and financial subsidies, PCS removes the two main barriers many people face when in need of counselling. PCS provides high quality and distinctively Christian counselling to all those in the Presbyterian community who are most vulnerable and who would otherwise be isolated from support.

Justine Jenner is the Counselling Coordinator for the Presbyterian Counselling Service. She connects those who are seeking counselling to their closest Christian Counsellor with relevant expertise.

Justine grew up in Sydney and has lived in both urban and regional NSW. She has a background in psychology and worked in the social work field for many years.

All enquiries related to counselling can be made by contacting Justine on Freecall in NSW 1800 818 133.

Who can we help?
You do not need to be a member or adherent of a Presbyterian church to receive help from the Presbyterian Counselling Service. As a support to ministry, we offer assistance to those being cared for by anyone within the Presbyterian Church. This way we can help the Christian mature in Christ and the non-Christian to come to Him.
Counselling needs might include:

· Marriage or relationship counselling
· Depression, Anxiety or other mental health concerns
· Victims of trauma or abuse
· Help for those at risk of abusing
· Grief and loss
· Coping with pain, illness or disability
· Stress management

How do you make a referral or get help with a pastoral care matter?
Simply call 1800 818 133.

How do we help?

We help by:

· Discussing the referral with the referee. This might include some telephone counselling, advice or support to the person referring.

· Discussing the needs of the person being referred with the referrer and person themselves. We may offer some assistance by subsidising the cost of counselling if it is prohibitive to counselling being accepted.

· Following up the progress of counselling. Is it meeting the person’s need? Are there other concerns which aren’t being met in the counselling process which can be helped by the Presbyterian Counselling Service or by the church?

· Giving people the opportunity to provide feedback on the counselling experience.

· Encouraging the church to provide pastoral care

· Providing training in pastoral care through Clinical Pastoral Education

Who are our counsellors?

Our counsellors are:

· Evangelical, biblical Christians (our counsellors sign a statement of faith)

· Qualified with a Bachelor or Masters level education in Counselling/Psychology/Social Work

· Experienced in Christian Counselling

· Suitability is assessed via application, interview and through client feedback

In some circumstances where we do not have a counsellor available in a particular location, or with the appropriate skills, we will endeavour to find an appropriate alternative.

All pastoral care concerns discussed with the Counselling Co-ordinator will be kept confidential within limits. These limits will be discussed with you. Examples of such limits include mandatory reporting of abuse and the referring of suicidal or homicidal intent to the relevant authorities.