Not everyone in our community who needs help needs to belong to an institution. But they’re not quite ready to set up a home by themselves. They’re usually young. They’re teenagers with an intellectual disability who want a place where they belong. They’re young women who are unexpectedly pregnant, they have no family support and don’t want an abortion. They’re people looking to break through and find their first job, but really need a secure base. For these people we believe it’s time for a new kind of community service. It’s simply called Our Place.

Our Place

We’ve been talking to people. Talking to people about who they think are the most vulnerable in our community.

We’ve been talking to people who support women who face an unplanned pregnancy. Without somewhere to stay, some women in this situation who do not have the support of their families may opt for abortion. Sometimes, all it takes is somewhere to call home for that same young woman to keep… her child.

We’ve been talking to parents of a teenager with an intellectual disability. As they look to the future, wanting their son to be all that he can be in the community, they know that there is no place like home… but that there needs to be somewhere just like home for him. They want a Christian community for their son where he belongs, not just a service where he is a client paying for care.

We’ve been hearing about how our young people who are starting out in the workforce for the first time, particularly those looking for employment or starting an apprenticeship, can’t afford to pay the rent. They are at risk of joining many other young people who “couch surf” from one place to the next, a new generation of the homeless, making them incredibly vulnerable at a time when they should be secure.

We’ve had an idea!
There is no doubt that having a home is an important thing for everyone. But some struggle more than others to find and keep a home; somewhere to call “my place” among others who live with them and together call it “our place”. What we want to achieve is a home that is a Christian home to those who live there, and a Christian home within the wider community. A Christian community for the vulnerable. We call it Our Place.

What do you think??
Our Place aims to build Christian community for those who struggle to find a home within the broader community because they have an intellectual disability, because they are young and financially insecure, or because they lack family support in a time of significant need. Our Place is intended to be a place to call home for those who are vulnerable, complete with pastoral and practical Christian care.

For more information about this ministry or if your congregation would be interested in talking to us about starting an ‘Our Place’ ministry, complete the contact form below and we will be in touch soon.