In times of emergency across NSW Jericho Road is there to help and support those affected with financial assistance to meet immediate needs, care packages, meals and help with clean up.

2017 Flood Appeal
Jericho Road has launched a Flood Appeal to gather financial support for those affected by the recent flooding in Northern New South Wales following Cyclone Debbie. There are a number of church families directly affected and a number of churches that are providing care and support for the communities involved.

Your prayers for those providing comfort and aid would be appreciated. Please also pray for those involved in the clean-up that they would remain safe and they would have the support they need.

At this stage we are only seeking financial support. We will be distributing those funds via local Presbyterian Churches.

You can donate online here. Please include a message to let us know that your donation is for this appeal.

You can donate via direct deposit:
BSB – 032 000
Account – 003 988
Please include “Flood Appeal” in the description. If you donate in this way please email to let him know about the donation.

If you don’t like online donations, simply ring us at 02 9690 9322 and we will help you.

2017 Bushfire Appeal
Jericho Road is appealing for funds to help those affected by the recent bush fires across New South Wales. All donations will be given directly to those most affected.

You can donate online here. Please include a message to let us know that your donation is for this appeal.

You can donate via direct deposit:
BSB – 032 000
Account – 003 988
Please include “Bush Fire Appeal” in the description. If you would like a receipt please email with the date of the donation, the amount and your details.

If you don’t like online donations, simply ring us at 02 9690 9322 and we will help you.

Please note, we are not taking donated goods at this time.

Thank you for your help and please pray for those who are in distress and for those who seek to comfort them.

The 2013 response to the Blue Mountains Bush Fires
Thursday 17th October started as a normal day in Winmalee. A community going about its business; early morning walks, coffee with friends, heading off to the train station, school drop-offs, shops buzzing with people. The sky was blue.

By the time the sun was setting, the sky was full of smoke and the sound of sirens and helicopters thundered in the air. The streets in Springwood were lined with cars, the people they were carrying home gathering in groups out on the footpaths; trying to find information, worrying about children and parents and friends and homes.

By midnight, some people were heading home as the roads reopened. Others had no home to go to. Some remained separated from family. Some still wondered what had happened to the home they left that morning.

And the fires burned on, holding a community in suspense as the weather and wind pushed flames forward towards more homes and more lives. For ten days we held our breath.

Across New South Wales more than 100 fires burned over the next days, with property losses on the Central Coast, Lithgow, Mount Victoria and the Southern Highlands … and the damage in the Winmalee area was assessed. One hundred and ninety three homes destroyed in a relatively small community. More than one hundred damaged.

Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan, the man who shows generous mercy, and ends by instructing us to “go and do likewise.” But how do you begin to be a good neighbour when disaster strikes? How can we face such sorrow, such fear, such turmoil and offer anything that will make a difference? Surely it takes more than we have to give?

The short answer is that we can’t. But God can. And he chooses to use his people to show generous mercy when disaster strikes. Over the days following the fires there was a great outpouring of generosity from people across the country. Not just from Christians, but from the community at large, and for this we give great thanks. We’ve made some wonderful friends and have worked hard together. At first it seemed as if God’s people and other community groups were offering the same things; money, food, clothes, support… But there is a difference. An offer of help made in Jesus name comes with comfort for the present, hope for the future and a willingness to enter into a relationship with people who were, just a few days ago, strangers.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23


Freezers Come to Dinner at Winmalee

We’ve set up freezers with public access that are full of great food, cooked and delivered by members of the wider community and the local church. The food is collected by or delivered to those who have lost their homes, or to the families who are feeding two families while one looks for somewhere to stay.  They drive in and take away as much as they need. It’s amazing how much comfort a home cooked meal can give, especially when all you have to cook with is a microwave. We even have vegetarian, gluten free and allergy specific meals in stock. In the first week around seventy meals were served, around a hundred in the second week and it keeps growing… and the service will remain open as long as it is needed in the months to come.

Spades The gloves are on

We’ve been coordinating offers of help from people who’d like to pitch in and lend a hand to clean up properties. This couldn’t start for a while, as insurance inspections have to take place and properties have to be made safe, but once it was time to help… the gloves were on. Outside with shovels or inside surviving homes cleaning off soot and grime… and making some great friendships.

And speaking of gloves… and pants… and work shirts… and boots… we were also able to partner with members of the Presbyterian Church who run a business that supplies work wear among other things. This enabled Jericho Road to give gift vouchers to people who needed good quality work wear and boots so that they could get onto their properties and start to clean up. The ground is full of glass and metal and debris, and ordinary shoes don’t last long. With the additional generosity of these locals and their suppliers there are now many people who have the clothes they need to start the task of cleaning up. first. It’s important that eager volunteers don’t just show up as we don’t want to overwhelm people. We would be happy to register anyone who would like to help in this way, and then when the time comes put you in touch with people who need help. This might be in a week or two… or a month or two… or next year. If you are happy to volunteer in this way, follow the link….


Thanks What else do we do?

We’ve tried to just be there. We’ve tried to fill the gaps. Just a few days after the fires, we had a small team out walking the most devastated streets, including counsellors arranged through the Presbyterian Counselling Service. They would stop and talk to the people in the street, providing a listening ear and at times a comforting hug. We praise God for their compassion and courage. They would find out what practical needs people had right at that moment, and then we would take what they needed to them where they were.

We’ve buried a family pet and arranged for a plaque. We’ve found knitting needles and a ball of wool for shaky hands. We’ve arranged for boots to replace those melted by the heat of the ground. We’ve made steadying cups of tea. We’ve packed bags of clothes and toiletries. We’ve replaced RFS shirts for brigade members who lost theirs when their homes were destroyed. We’ve started friendships. We’ve offered a place for teenagers to get together. We’ve delivered comfort in the form of home-made fruit cake. We’ve delivered bears to be hugged. We’ve prayed with people. We’ve taken food to the side of the road. We’ve talked to mums about how to talk to their children. We’ve cleaned. We’ve delivered gifts to help families settle into rental homes. We’ve given funds to people to enable them to purchase what they really needed, right then.

So thank you. Because this is what you have done. Your generosity allows Jericho Road to show your love to these people in a moment of great need.


Give a gift card

If you want to send a gift card our way, we’ll make sure it gets to the people who need it.

Or you can make a donation.


Plant and pray

If you are wondering about what you can do now… and you have a green thumb… how about planting some seeds or a seedling today. Care for them and watch them grow and keep those who have been affected by the fires in your prayers. And then in six or twelve months’ time when they are fully grown, let us know and we will give it to those who are rebuilding.


Clothes What colour do firefighters wear?

At Kids’ Church at Winmalee Presbyterian on the Sunday after the fires, the question was asked… what colour uniforms do the firefighters wear (bearing in mind that the church is just over the road from the RFS station)? The answer came without hesitation… BLACK! God bless all the men and women in the RFS and other emergency services who serve so bravely and so tirelessly.