Presbyterian Churches have invested heavily in thought-through protocols for all our relationships. Using a sound Biblical foundation, we’ve developed principles and practices that don’t just ensure children are physically and emotionally safe. More than that – ministers, volunteers and carers have a new clarity in how to relate, in a healthy respectful way, to others in a ministry setting.

Conduct Protocol Unit

In 2003 the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales agreed to establish a Child Protection Unit. The Child Protection Unit commenced operation in 2004 and was renamed the Conduct Protocol Unit [CPU] in 2011 as an indication of our commitment as a church to providing all congregations, presbyteries, organisations, and committees with the best possible training, support, advice and resources in relation to abuse matters.
The CPU holds responsibility for administering PCNSW’s policy and procedure for dealing with and preventing abuse within the church, Breaking the Silence.

For more information click here to visit the Breaking the Silence website.