Have you ever visited a prisoner? Or a patient who has no family? Our Chaplains aren’t just representing the care of the Presbyterian church, they’re representing Christ. For thousands of people passing through hospitals and prisons in Sydney and throughout NSW, these Chaplains are the first Christian contact they’ve experienced. Our chaplains tell us how frequently surprised they are at just how many people want to talk and pray.

Jericho Road Chaplains demonstrate the character of God by providing fresh hope and care for those who are in need because of ill health, grief or incarceration. Jericho Road employs chaplains based at hospitals and prisons in and around Sydney, Newcastle, Bathurst and Tamworth.

For information about the chaplains employed at each location, please click on the name of the chaplain below.


Ian Schoonwater – Senior Presbyterian Chaplain

Ian Schoonwater

Ian has been a minister for 25 years, for the past 8 years he has worked as a chaplain in a number of hospitals in Sydney. He is currently the senior chaplain of Jericho Road, in this role he supervises and oversees the chaplaincy ministry of Jericho Road. Ian is passionate about chaplaincy in all its forms as it is both an opportunity to take the gospel into the public square and it is where the church can come alongside broken and hurting people whether they are in hospital, prison or to those who work in these places and other emergency services. Ian also teaches the chaplaincy program at Christ College. He is married to Narelle and they have two sons.

Ian can be contacted on 0449 903 508 or by email: ischoonwater@jerichoroad.org.au

Rhonda Daley – Hornsby Hospital

Hornsby Hospital – Monday & Thursday

Rhonda Daley

Rhonda works two days a week at Hornsby Kuring-Gai Hospital as chaplain and the coordinator of a fabulous team of volunteers.

The relatively small hospital maintains a community feel, despite undergoing significant redevelopment.
Initially Rhonda struggled with the the administration side of this role, but has discovered that mentoring Christian men and women to develop their pastoral skills is a very lovely thing. Their confidence, listening skills, passion and pastoral awareness grow quickly.

The team visits people of many faiths in each of the wards. The offer of pastoral care is sometimes rejected but is often appreciated. God brings reconciliation, forgiveness and faith through their visits. He builds hope, brings meaning and lifts sad spirits.

Your support and prayer for this ministry is greatly appreciated.

Contact details:

Rhonda can be contacted on 02 9477 9123 or by email at: rhonda.daley@health.nsw.gov.au

Ian Johnston – John Hunter Hospital

John Hunter Hospital – Tuesdays

Ian Johnston

Ian is married to Rosie and they live in Booragul in Lake Macquarie. They have four adult children and six grand-children. Ian and Rosie’s Parish Ministries have been in Penshurst (Sydney, 1981), Upper Hunter (NSW, 1981 – 1994) and Ayr/Home Hill (North Qld, 1994 – 2004). They have been Missionaries in the Arctic (2001); in Athens for the Olympics, (2004); and Lecturer, Director and Children’s Ministry Worker at Tahlee Bible College (2004 – 2012).

Ian’s pre-ministry career was in Computers with the HCF in Sydney, before answering a dramatic call to the Ministry in 1974. He completed a B.A. in Sociology at Macquarie Uni and a B.Th. at Moore College before being sent to the Parishes of Penshurst, Muswellbrook (Upper Hunter) and called to Ayr in North Qld.

After 30 years of being a Pastor/Teacher, Lecturer and Director, Ian completed a Clinical Pastoral Education Certificate at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle in 2013 and now works there as the Presbyterian Chaplain.

Contact details:

Tuesdays Chaplain’s Office – Phone: (02) 4921 3595, Mobile: 0428 668 522,
Email: chaprev64@gmail.com

Christine Mao – Prince of Wales Hospital

Prince of Wales Hospital – Thursday

Christine Mao

Christine has been working as the chaplain at Prince of Wales Hospital since 2006. She graduated with an Mdiv from the Sydney Missionary and Bible College in 2007. Prior to bible college she worked as a hospital social worker for 4 years. The opportunity to work as a chaplain in a hospital setting was a perfect combination of her interest in health as well as Christian ministry training. Being part of a multi-faith chaplaincy department at POWH has been a rich and rewarding experience and she appreciates the support received from colleagues. Christine visits Presbyterian patients in the Prince of Wales, Sydney Children’s Hospital and Royal Hospital for Women. She also focuses on the spinal unit as the ward chaplain. Working only one day a week has it’s challenges as most patients are discharged within that week so she often doesn’t get a chance to have ongoing intervention. However, over the 10 years of working on the same campus she has been able to meet the same Presbyterian patients who have returned to the hospital.

Christine is married to Allan who is a minister at the South West Chinese Christian Church and they have two sons, Caleb and Benjamin.

Contact details:
Christine can be contacted at Prince of Wales Hospital on 02 9382 2126 or by email at: christinemao76@gmail.com

Michael Deal – Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital – Monday and Tuesday

Michael Deal

Michael comes to chaplaincy after 17 years as a pastor in rural NSW. Michael loves ministering to people and sharing the message of hope that the Lord Jesus offers through the message of the gospel. Wherever people are in need there is a great need that a Christian is there and able to offer comfort and hope in times of trial. Our God is a the god who gives hope to the hopeless and comfort to those in distress.

Michael is looking forward to bringing Christian compassion into the hospitals God has called him to minister to.

Contact details:
Please use the form below to contact Michael

Karen McMillan- Children’s Hospital Westmead

Children’s Hospital Westmead – Thursday
Karen McMillan

Karen is very excited to be given the opportunity to be a chaplain at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

For a child to be in hospital is almost always a time of much bewilderment and stress for the child and their families. Chaplaincy provides a wonderful opportunity to come along side both children and their families to share their hospital journey and, as God gives opportunity, to pray with them and bring them the comfort of His word.

After initially studying psychology, Karen worked in counselling and welfare roles for many years. In more recent years she has been a school counsellor and then a caseworker with children with disabilities and their families. During this time Karen has ministered alongside her husband Sandy, a Presbyterian pastor, in Wagga Wagga for 25 years and in more recent months, in Sydney’s inner west. Her passion has always been in helping children and women know the gracious love of Jesus.

Karen and Sandy take much delight in having three young adult daughters, two sons-in-law and two gorgeous grandchildren.

Karen can be contacted at the Children’s Hospital Westmead by email at karen.mcmillab1@health.nsw.gov.au or by using the contact form below.

Keith Walker – Royal North Shore Hospital

Royal North Shore Hospital – Monday to Friday
Keith Walker

Keith is married to Vivian and they have three Children.

He loves Hospital Chaplaincy at Royal North Shore Hospital where he meets all sorts of people,
many we in the Church never meet. At times the situations are desperately sad, but it is a privilege to be able to be with people in those times.

The Grace of God in Christ Jesus, provides, sustains and gives hope.

PS. Coffee is very good, music is wonderful and I don’t mind a game of football or cricket, watching nowadays Go Sydney FC! Go Manly! 🙂

Contact details:
Keith can be contacted at the hospital on 02 9426 9730 or via mobile on 0439 443 101.

Joseph Park – St Vincent’s Hospital

St Vincent’s Hospital – Monday to Friday

Joseph Park

Joseph began his pastoral ministry with a passion for sharing the gospel hope. He previously served as a home missionary in Sydney’s Southwest, Joseph took up the opportunity in 2015 to carry on the gospel ministry in St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

St. Vincent’s is a unique place to minister in today’s secular healthcare environment. Since her humble beginnings in 1859 by five sisters, she continues to champion the mission of bringing God’s love to those in need through the healing ministry of Jesus. It is a special place where the popular song, from little things, big things grow comes alive.

Joseph looks after the Presbyterian patients in both public and private hospital as well as patients in Stroke and ICU surgical units. Challenging and stretching at times, yet it is full of opportunities to share the gospel hope that is for everyone to hear.

Joseph would appreciate your prayers for him to be well equipped to walk side by side with wisdom and in love with the patients he cares for.

Contact details:
Joseph can be contacted by phone on 02 8382 2572, by email at jpark@jerichoroad.org.au or by using the contact form below.

Rochelle Wainwright– Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital Westmead Chaplain

Children’s Hospital Westmead – Monday
Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital – Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday or Sunday

Rochelle Weston

Rochelle comes to Hospital Chaplaincy after spending the last 8 years working as both a Ministry Worker at Thomas Hassall Anglican College and Registered Nurse at the Kings School Health Centre. She has had the opportunity to pastorally care for students, parents and staff in both of these positions. Rochelle enjoys looking for the hand of God in people’s stories, and delights in the way that God can so easily become the topic of conversation. It is a privilege to enter into what God is doing in a person’s life, and journey with them for the time that He ordains.

For Rochelle, there is no greater joy than caring for children in need, like the children at Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. She brings to these roles an understanding of the sick child and the pressures their families face from 15yrs of nursing at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, as well as training in both counselling and theology. Hospital Chaplaincy is an opportunity to bring the hope of Jesus to children, families and staff in their time of need when they are asking the big questions of life.

Contact details:
Rochelle can be contacted at Allowah on 02 8877 3400 by email at rochelle.weston@allowah.org.au or by using the contact form below.

Rochelle can be contacted at the Children’s Hospital Westmead by email at rochelle.weston@health.nsw.gov.au or by using the contact form below.

Tim Abbey – Kirkconnell Correctional Centre

Tim Abbey

Tim currently works as the Chaplain at Kirkconnell Correctional Centre near Bathurst. Prior to that, for many years Tim ministered at Bathurst and Tuggeranong Presbyterian after an initial career in Agriculture. Married to Leonie with two daughters, two son-in-laws and three grandchildren, remote bush camping with his wife is highly sought after, as is seeing South Sydney win more premierships. But helping people to know and love Jesus is by far the greatest privilege – enjoying very much the unique opportunities gaol provides for this, getting to pass on words of hope and forgiveness to many whose needs are so blatant. Christian prison chaplaincy tangibly opens doors that ironically, are usually locked off from most Christians and Churches (even on the outside).

Contact details:
Tim can be contacted at the gaol on 02 6329 5583 or by completing the form below.

Chaplain at the Compulsory Drug Treatment Correctional Centre

Tim is currently ministering at the Compulsory Drug Treatment Correctional Centre(CDTCC). This is a therapeutic program for inmates whose drug addiction has been a major contributing factor to their criminal behaviour. The program is unique and the only one of its kind in New South Wales or Australia.

Tim is part of a multi-disciplinary team consisting of psychologists, health professionals and custodial officers. His role is holistic covering the spiritual, emotional, mental and welfare needs of inmates on the program. In addition to the preceding he also provides two programs that deal with parental and relationship issues.

Tim’s involvement in the detail of inmates lives leads to opportunities to share the love of Christ that is backed up with Chapel services and other Christian faith based programs that speak about the power of the Gospel to transform their lives.

Terry West – Tamworth Correctional Centre

Terry works Tuesday, Wednesday and alternate Thursdays

Terry West

Terry is 57 and has been married to Chris for 34 years. They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. They live on the North Coast and attend the Maclean Presbyterian Church.

Terry has been the half time chaplain at Tamworth Correctional Centre since May 2016.

Please continue to pray for the inmates and staff at the centre and thank God for the opportunity to present the Gospel of our Lord Jesus in this place.

Contact details:
Terry can be contacted at the gaol on 02 6764 5333 or by completing the form below.


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