Chaplaincy Training: Professional Course

Our Professional Course is designed for those working or seeking to work as Chaplain in Hospitals, Correctional Centres, Juvenile Justice, Aged Care, defence forces, sporting clubs or in the wider community. Our Course is registered as an approved training programme with the NSW Civil Chaplains Advisory Committee. It is also a programme for clergy who are wanting to further develop their skills in Pastoral Care.

The Course is held over two Semesters. In the first Semester the subject Advanced Chaplaincy Skills is taught. In second semester students study the subject Chaplaincy in the Institutional Setting.

Classes are held on Mondays meeting 8 times during the Semester. The class time includes teaching, group activities, class discussion, student presentations and role plays. It is an opportunity to reflect and also practice new skills in a safe environment. There is a pre eading requirement before each class.

To provide further support, Students also complete four individual supervision sessions per semester. In these sessions students present verbatim and have the opportunity to reflect on their practice and receive helpful feedback.

Each subject has three written assignments to complete totaling between 7000-8000 words.

Students will also engage in at least 120 hours of professional experience.

The Cost per unit is $745.

On satisfactorily completing both subjects students will receive a certificate of attainment.

Subject 1

“Advanced Chaplaincy Skills”

The subject “Advanced Chaplaincy Skills” develops the skills necessary for chaplaincy and pastoral care. It assumes a certain degree of understanding and experience in relation to Pastoral Care.

Topics covered include

1. How to reflect theologically in the Pastoral care context
2. Developing a biblical framework for chaplaincy
3. Making spiritual Assessments
4. Developing listening skills
5. The role of the chaplain
6. Grief and Loss
7. Ministering to people who are dying
8. Lament in Pastoral care
9. Empathy
10. Asking and Responding to Questions
11. Reflecting on your professional practice

This subject will be available in Semester One 2018. The precise dates are yet to be confirmed.

Subject 2

“Chaplaincy in the Institutional Setting”

The Subject “Chaplaincy in the Institutional setting” builds on what is taught in “Advanced Pastoral Skills”. It also includes some the issues and skills needed for working an an institutional setting.

Topics covered include

1. Self care
2. developing pastoral care plans
3. Professional expectations
4. Listening to God, Self and others
5. Understanding cultural differences
6. Working as a team
7. Theological reflection
8. Boundaries
9. Chaplaincy in differing settings

This subject will be available in Semester Two 2018. The precise dates are yet to be confirmed.