Jasons bikeThe Code of Conduct states that you will not drive a child or young person unaccompanied. This is not intended to stop you doing ministry with children or young people. It is intended to make you stop and think about how you do it so that the risks associated with driving children and young people unaccompanied are minimised.

This point of the Code can be changed, with the approval of Session, who will formally record the change as a minute. To make the changes, Session will:

  • assess the risk involved,
  • if necessary, obtain appropriate written permission from parents and / or guardians,
  • determine the people, times and places to be included in the provision,
  • set a period of time for the change to be valid, and
  • amend the Code of Conduct poster, brochures etc for the appropriate group.

Before a child or young person travels with a group or is driven in a car or bus by a person associated with the church for any reason, you must have a permission note signed by the child or young person‘s parent / carer. An example of an off-site or travel permission note is provided for you here.

You must consider the following before you provide transport of any kind:

  • There must never be more passengers in the car than there are functioning seat belts.
  • All vehicles used must be registered and in good working order.
  • All drivers must be licensed. It is preferable that all drivers have their full license; however where it is necessary for a driver with a provisional license to provide transport this will be clearly stated on the permission note so that parents can make an informed decision.
  • All drivers must be aware of their responsibilities to provide safe transport and take every precaution to ensure that their passengers are safe.