ReminderKeeping parents informed and providing leaders with information about children and young people is an important part of making our ministries safe. You should consider the following:

  • You could send out a general letter to parents / carers at the beginning of each year to inform them of who the leaders are, what the group is about and any child protection matters, for example your policy on drop-off and pick-up arrangements.
  • Providing parents / carers with regular information about activities will allow them to make informed decisions about their children. Consider sending out a newsletter each term.
  • You should have an attendance list so that you know which children were in attendance on a particular day. It also helps you see when kids have been away for a while so that you can get in touch to see if everything is OK.
  • You should have a registration form for activities where parents are not present (such as Holiday Club, Mid-Week Kids Club and Youth Group) so that you have all the information you need about a child or young person. You might like to adapt this Registration Form template.
  • You should have a sign-in / sign-out sheet for activities involving children where parents are not present. This should be signed by parents / carers or other authorised adult as provided on the registration form. It is very important that children are not allowed to leave with a person other than those approved by their parents / carers. You can use this sign-in / sign-out form or make one of your own.
  • You must use the insurance approved permission note / liability release for all hazardous activities. Hazardous activities are deemed to be: abseiling / rock climbing (indoor and outdoor), billy carting / go carting / riding on the back of utes, bungy jumping, bush walking (on and off track), kayaking / rafting / canoeing, caving, cross country running (on and off track), fishing (in boats and on rocks), high and low ropes activities, horse riding, ice skating / sliding and surfing, initiative and challenge tasks (problem solving games, sporting challenges), mechanical rides (eg. bucking bulls, etc.), obstacle courses, orienteering / regaining (map and compass navigation), paint balls shooting, parachuting, parasailing, scuba diving / snorkelling / surfing, skiing, snow boarding, swimming (fresh and salt water). The NSW document is provided for you here.
  • You must have a permission note for all activities that are off-site or involve travel of any kind. An example of an off-site or travel permission note is provided for you here.

Remember, you need to keep records in a secure place as they contain personal information. You also need to keep them until the children participating reach 25 years of age so set up a good filing system now.