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** Status: In pilot (please contact Jon on 02 9690 9325 or if you would like to be part of the pilot, or for more information)

Welcome to the Breaking the Silence online training page.  Before you begin make sure you have access to the Self-Paced Training Workbook available here, a Bible and somewhere to make notes.

Module 1 – Introduction to Breaking the Silence

Module 2 – Our Policy

Module 3 – What you need to know

Module 4 – Our Code of Conduct

Module 5 – When someone discloses

Module 6 – Reporting 

Module 7 – Case studies

Module 8 – Wise ministry

Part A – select a Wise Minstry video that is applicable to your ministry:

Good Housekeeping (Kids’ ministry)




Pastoral Care

Physical Contact

 Now watch Part B to complete Module 8.

Quick quiz

Now complete the Quick Quiz to test what you have learnt on this training course.  If you received less than 75% please review material as required and retake the quiz.

Thank you

Thank you for completing this training.  Be sure to let your BTS Contact or Session Clerk know that you have completed the training.  If you have questions resulting from this training please contact your minister or ministry leader, or Jon Flood on 02 9690 9325 or