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Who We Are

In 2003 the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales agreed to establish a Child Protection Unit. The Unit was renamed the Conduct Protocol Unit [CPU] in 2011 as an indication of our commitment as a church to providing all congregations, presbyteries, organisations, and committees with the best possible support, advice and resources in relation to abuse matters.

The CPU serves the Presbyterian Church of Australia in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Mission Partners and Presbyterian Inland Mission.




The Director of the unit is Mr Jon Flood.  Jon is responsible for working with churches and ministry organisations by supporting training, providing advice and managing auditing requirements.




The Administration Manager, responsible for all administrative matters including the Working with Children Check and SRE authorisation, is Miss Courtney Chan.




Services We Provide

Breaking the Silence applies in the Presbyterian Church of Australia in the State of New South Wales including the Happy boysAustralian Capital Territory, in the State of Western Australia, in the State of Tasmania, in the State of South Australia, Presbyterian Inland Mission and APWM.

We can help you with:

  • Implementing Breaking the Silence.
  • Reporting requirements, including:
    • child abuse,
    • risk of significant harm,
    • reportable conduct,
    • sexual misconduct, and/or
    • conduct that breaches the Breaking the Silence Code of Conduct.
  • Audit requirements.
  • Investigations, risk management, employment screening and reporting of relevant employment proceedings as appropriate within the church.
  • Advice about relevant disciplinary matters.
  • Education programs for all congregations and organisations within the church, and its personnel.
  • Assistance for personnel, congregations and organisations within the church in relation to abuse matters, including the provision of resources, confidential help in relation to Community Services and civil authorities, and an effective “help line” for support when dealing with these matters.
  • Access to a counselling referral service (or provide details of other counselling services) appropriate for people affected by abuse within the church.
  • Interdenominational cooperation on abuse issues.
  • Representation where appropriate to government, ombudsman, Commission for Children and Young People and Community Services regarding review and amendment of relevant legislation in those States and Territories where Breaking the Silence has been formally adopted by the relevant State General Assembly.


You have the right to confidentiality in your contacts with the CPU, except in the following circumstances, in which the CPU is required to report to the relevant authorities:

  1. If you indicate that you intend to harm either yourself or another person
  2. If you disclose that a child or vulnerable adult is at risk of harm
  3. If the CPU or your notes are subpoenaed for evidence in court
  4. If you disclose that you have committed a serious crime that has not been reported.

Other than the scenarios above, the CPU may ask your permission to share information with other parties in addressing an issue or situation.

Contact Us

Director: Jon Flood – 02 9690 9325

Admin Manager: Courtney Chan – 02 9690 9321