Robert has helped churches members to engage with their communities right around the world. He and his wife were involved in missionary work in Christian education in Indonesia for almost a decade. And he’s still engaged with mission – in word and in deed – in East Timor and African nations. Let Rob show you how simple it can be to get started on Jericho Road, right where you are. Connect with him here and suggest an hour, day or weekend with your church.



Robert Benn was raised in country Queensland in a community where there was great cooperation between members of the farming community – helping each other when there was drought, floods, sickness, financial hardship, tragedy and a myriad of other circumstances affecting the community.  Sunday, most of them met in a different environment – church!

All that sounds like an echo of Presbyterian Social Services, and indeed it was.  Informally!

And Robert only had one aim in view.  Finish High School and head back to the land.

But the Lord had other ideas for Robert.  With a deep sense of God’s leading, he found himself studying at the Melbourne Bible Institute and Melbourne College of Divinity in the early ’60s.  He then married Laurel (claiming that because she was Penn and he was Benn, that was good enough to get married!).  Then to Indonesia for 10 years with the OMF, and working in the Reformed Church there in the field of Christian Education through schools.  Back to Australia in 1977 for another couple of years of study, and to the Redcliffe parish and then Hurstville which he left to become National Director of World Mission for our national church.

He was well fitted for this, in that he had had experience in cross-cultural mission in Singapore and Indonesia, and had served on both State and Federal Church Committees.  During more recent years, he has played a major part in forming partnership with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of East Timor, while participating further in ministry in Indonesia and Africa. He has also served as both NSW State Moderator and Moderator General as well as serving on many NSW and Federal Committees with the Presbyterian Church.

In many of his roles, Robert has had the opportunity to travel around to churches and other groups and share with them the work being done in sharing the Gospel with those in Australia and around the world. Robert has now joined us at PSS as an ambassador for Jericho Road and is ready to get on the road again. He will be available to visit any pastoral charge, Presbytery, groups and departments of any kind within the church in the State of NSW.  Robert says, “You know, everything that we have been packing into East Timor during the past 13 years, is what Jericho Road is…… but in different cultural and geographical dress!  And as for preaching ‘good news to the poor, freedom for the prisoners, recovery of sight for the blind, release for the oppressed, and the Lord’s favour’ (Luke 4:18f) …… bring it on!  That’s been my life!”