There is no other care centre quite like Allowah. It’s a place where, caring Christians are looking after children with multiple and complex disabilities. We treat each one with respect and dignity. In fact, many find joy. As one mum, whose two-year-old, William, needs ongoing care explains, “The staff are so lovely, so warm and just made me and William feel at home. We are so grateful to have such service.”

Disability Services Vision

Our Disability Services programme aims to demonstrate the character of God by providing fresh hope and care for people of all ages with a disability who are most vulnerable. Our vision is to provide them and their carers with care and support in the name of Jesus, and to be a place where we can speak with them to the church and the broader community about their needs.

Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital

The Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital (APCH) is licensed as a forty four bed Paediatric, Rehabilitation and Medical Hospital. Allowah is a beautiful place for very special children with multiple and complex disabilities. Our mission is to provide quality care and support to children with disabilities as well as to their families. At all times, we will strive to achieve excellence in medical and care practices. We also commit ourselves to treating our clientele with respect and dignity, and providing them with emotional and spiritual support within a Christian environment which maximises their quality of life.

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