Presbyterian Churches are some of the most passionate churches about Bible teaching.

But we don’t merely want to be hearers of the word. We want to be doers. Jericho Road is where that can begin. It’s a unifying program that gives each of us a different way to practically show Christ’s compassion in the community – either through some of the work of Presbyterian Social Services or through fresh initiatives around the streets where you live.

The inspiration, of course, is Jesus. He told that most famous of road trip stories – of the Good Samaritan. That one man, who had no great organisation behind him, but transformed someone’s broken life because he stopped to help someone in need. But Jesus stopped on Jericho Road himself. First to bring healing to Bartimaeus. Then, to bring in a social outcast called Zaccheaus.

What will you and your church do on Jericho Road? Take a look around to see what inspires – then contact us so we can help you get started.

Latest News

Justice – A Christian Perspective

Justice – A Christian Perspective by Brianna McClean Here at Jericho Road we talk a lot about seeking justice. But, why do we think this is important? Largely, because we get our values from the Bible. We are a Christian organisation and that drives everything we do. Today, we explore what our faith has to…

Autism on TV

Autism on TV by Rev. Jason Forbes Jericho Road Disability Advocate In 2017, disabilities received more attention from TV producers with shows such as the sitcom Speechless featuring a main character with cerebral palsy. Late in the same year, two other productions have been released featuring characters who are high functioning on the autistic spectrum…

Movie Review: Me Before You

Movie Review:Me Before You by Rev. Jason Forbes Jericho Road Disability Advocate The film Me Before You follows the romantic, and sometimes comical, tale between two characters – a naive 26 year old Louisa Clark, and a previously outgoing adrenaline junkie and highly self-sufficient 35 year old Will Traynor. Will acquires quadriplegia from being hit…

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