Presbyterian Churches are some of the most passionate churches about Bible teaching.

But we don’t merely want to be hearers of the word. We want to be doers. Jericho Road is where that can begin. It’s a unifying program that gives each of us a different way to practically show Christ’s compassion in the community – either through some of the work of Presbyterian Social Services or through fresh initiatives around the streets where you live.

The inspiration, of course, is Jesus. He told that most famous of road trip stories – of the Good Samaritan. That one man, who had no great organisation behind him, but transformed someone’s broken life because he stopped to help someone in need. But Jesus stopped on Jericho Road himself. First to bring healing to Bartimaeus. Then, to bring in a social outcast called Zaccheaus.

What will and your church do on Jericho Road? Take a look around to see what inspires – then contact us so we can help you get started.

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dreamhouse part 1

The Dreamhouse Series: Part 1

The Dreamhouse The ABC’s real-life look into disabilities “Flying the nest is a right of passage for young people in Australia today. But for some, that simple step is not so simple.” These are the opening remarks on the ABC’s daring new documentary series that takes a raw and honest approach to life with a…

brave part 5

The Brave Series: Part 5 – Choose your own adventure

Session five of the BRAVE program is based around the fourth letter in the acronym, V for Victory over your fears. This session is much shorter than the others and while it does not contain as much content, in some ways it is my favourite to date. For anxiety suffers, gaining Victory over your fears…

brave part 4

The Brave Series: Part 4 – The most essential thing

The most essential thing… Once again session four focussed on activating helpful thoughts when in an anxious situation. This session focused more on practical ways of activating helpful thoughts and examples where this technique is useful. The session started, as always, with a recap of previously acquired knowledge. A ‘true or false’ style game is…

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